Pearl Jubilee Gala

It was 1986 when Trikone was born for, by and of the South Asian LGBTQ community to come together as a single family and share their moments – ups and downs, highs and lows. Let’s get together to commemorate the 30 years that passed by at the Pearl Jubilee Gala!

Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016
Time: 6:30 PM – 11:59 PM PDT
Venue: Events Center, The Cathedral of St. Mary, 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Rating: ( due to the nature of any live event, minors attending this event need to be accompanied by parents and/or legal guardians. )

Tickets: Available at the door – $ 100 (online sales have ended)


  • Public: MUNI lines 38, 38L and 38X serve the location from downtown Montgomery/Powell BART stations
  • Private: Uber is up to $ 20 off your first ride with the promo code gqs9t


  • Event Center: The Event Center has enough available parking spots
  • Street: Street parking is available around the block, on all sides


  • Alcohol will be served on the premises, hence age-proof needs to be carried at all times.
  • To ensure safety and privacy, we request that our attendees refrain from photography. Do ask for permission if a photo needs to be captured.

Don’t Let Him Know: Author, Sandip Roy reads from his debut novel

Join us as one of our beloved Trikone member celebrates his first debutant novel with San Francisco Bay Area!

Sandip Roy is Senior Editor at the popular news portal and blogs for the Huffington Post. He has been a longtime commentator on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, and has a weekly radio postcard for public radio in the San Francisco Bay Area called, Sandip Roy’s Dispatches from Kolkata. He is also an editor with New America Media. Sandip has won several awards for journalism and contributed to various anthologies including Storywallah!, Contours of the Heart, Because I Have a Voice: Queer Politics in India, Out! Stories from the New Queer India, New California Writing 2011 and The Phobic and the Erotic: The Politics of Sexualities in Contemporary India. Sandip lives in Kolkata.

Sandip was the editor of Trikone Magazine for 52 issues!

Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Time: 5 PM – 7 PM PST
Venue: Stephens Hall, 10 (ISAS Conf. Room), UC Berkeley

About the book

In a boxy apartment building in an American university town, Romola Mitra, a newly arrived young bride, anxiously awaits her first letter from home in India. When she accidentally opens the wrong letter, it changes her life. Decades later, her son Amit finds that letter and thinks he has discovered his mother’s secret. But secrets have their own secrets sometimes, and a way of following their keepers.

Amit does not know that Avinash, his dependable and devoted father, lurks on gay Internet groups at times, unable to set aside his lifelong attraction to men. Avinash has no idea that his dutiful wife had once romanced a dashing Bengali filmstar, whose memory she keeps tucked away in a diary amongst her silk saris.

Growing up in Calcutta, in a house bustling with feisty grandmothers, Amit has been shielded from his parents’ secrets. A successful computer engineer, he settles in San Francisco, torn between his new life and his duties towards the one he has left behind.

Moving from adolescent rooftop games to adult encounters in gay bars, from hair salons in Calcutta to McDonald’s drive-thrus in California, Don’t Let Him Know is an unforgettable story about family, the struggle between having what we want and doing what we feel we must – and the sacrifices we make for those we love. Tender, powerful, and beautifully told, Don’t Let Him Know marks the arrival of a brave new voice.

Speaker: Sandip Roy, Author and Journalist
Moderator: Raka Ray, Professor of Sociology and South and Southeast Asia Studies, and Chair of the Department of Sociology
Sponsor: Institute for South Asia Studies

Board Updates – Apr 2014

Trikone is happy to announce another update to its board.

We have a new Chairperson – Monica!

She has been on the board since 2011 and is the most apt choice to lead Trikone. The board unanimously approved her appointment.

Also, our two board members – Madhuri and Ali – have ended their respective terms. We thank them very much for their help and support.

The current board is comprised of –
1. Monica – Chairperson, Interim Advocacy Director and Interim Development Director
2. Mukund – Treasurer
3. Suhas – Outreach Director (in the liaison role)

P.S.: Ali has been appointed as the Interim Secretary and Interim Communications Director until a replacement is sought.

Congratulations to the board!

Board Updates – Feb 2014

Trikone is happy to announce updates to its board.

We have a new liaison, Suhas, who has agreed to be our Outreach Director.

Starting today, Mukund, officially became a voting member of the Board in his role as the Treasurer.

The current board is made up of – Madhuri, who is the Chairperson and Interim Development Director; Ali, who is the Secretary and Interim Communications Director; Mukund, who is the Treasurer; Monica, who is the Advocacy Director; and Suhas, who is the Outreach Director (in the liaison role).

Congratulations to the board!

DesiQ 2013

Trikone is proud to host DesiQ 2013, a conference on South Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. This will be Trikone’s fourth such conference since 1995.

DesiQ 2013 calls all South Asian queer and trans folk—activists, organizers, and artists; students, workers, and professionals; youth, seasoned mid-lifers and our silvered elders—to come together and dialogue, gossip, strategize, dance, eat, flirt, listen, contribute, learn, connect, collaborate, make friends, and generally celebrate our amazing and beautiful selves, communities, and lives!

DesiQ 2013 Conference will be held on July 4-6, 2013 at UCSF Mission Bay Campus, San Francisco and Gala will be held on July 6, 2013 at Scottish Rite Center, Oakland.

Click here for Schedule details.
Click here for Location details.

You can also find DesiQ 2013 on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

DesiQ 2013 Website Live!

We’re still adding content and you should probably wear a hard hat to avoid falling debris, but we decided it was high time we removed the “beta” label and launched the site.

Please check out our requests for proposals if you’d like the opportunity to contribute to conference content. The deadline for submitting a proposal is March 10, 2013, so don’t delay! If workshops, panels, or artistic expression isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to make a donation?

If all you really want to do is bring your fabulous self, hang tight-conference registration will be available soon!

25th Anniversary Gala

25th Anniversary Gala

Bollywood / Bhangra Dance Party of the year – Over 250 tickets sold!

September 10, 2011 at St Mary’s Cathedral (Gough and Geary), San Francisco, CA

Featuring DJ Rekha of Basement Bhangra fame: most sought after Desi DJ in North America!

Event themed Cocktails created by Top Chef Contestant Preeti Mistry (Cash Bar)

Celebrate for a cause: proceeds go towards Trikone (South Asian LGBTQ support non-profit)

Named ambassador of bhangra by the New York Times, DJ Rekha has been instrumental in placing bhangra and contemporary South Asian dance music on the map in North America. Rooted in bhangra and hip-hop and Bollywood, her DJ sets range from Brazilian Baile Funk to Balkan Beats and everything in between. She is founder and resident of Bollywood Disco and Basement Bhangra one NYC’s longest running dance parties.

Trikone Gay Marriage Celebrations!

Trikone celebrates the California Supreme Court’s decision today. The justices held that limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violate the state constitutional rights of same-sex couples and may not be used to preclude same-sex couples from marrying.

The court concluded that permitting opposite-sex couples to marry while affording same-sex couples access only to the novel and less-recognized status of domestic partnership improperly infringes a same-sex couple’s constitutional rights to marry and to the equal protection of the laws as guaranteed by the California Constitution.

We are grateful to our Court for recognizing that separate arrangements are not equal. And just as importantly, for affirming that all people deserve the dignity and respect of being protected equally under California’s Constitution. We are proud to support this victory for justice and equality for all of us.

You can read more at: