Board Meeting – May 16, 2010

Members present: Ray, Ali, Sandeep, Praney, Amar, and Manoj

Guests: Silpa, Simma

Introduction of new liaisons to the board

  • Silpa attended the board meeting to meet the board and consider joining as a liaison to the board. She expressed interest in being part of Trikone’s outreach program. She will work with WoT and figure out how to contribute to Trikone’s outreach efforts.
  • Saad could not attend, but expressed interest in helping with the website.
  • Silpa and Saad were unanimously voted in as liaisons.
  • Confirming existing liaisons as board members
  • Sandeep, Ali, Amar have been confirmed unanimously as new board members

Discuss the role of the consultant for the Horizons/POCIBLE grant

  • Trikone has a grant to grow and improve the impact of Trikone in the community. The board had previously decided to spend a portion of this grant to get input from a consultant on how we can improve Trikone’s processes
  • Simma had a 45 minute conversation with the board on what the board’s vision was for Trikone. Simma will conduct phone interviews with the rest of the board. Ray will work with Simma and the board to determine further progress

Changing authorized signatories with the bank on behalf of Trikone

  • Rakesh currently has the credit card.
  • Manoj, Ray, and Sandeep can be the signatories on the checks. (Co-chair, treasurer, secretary)
  • Manoj will retrieve the Trikone credit card from Rakesh
  • Sandeep will prepare and send a document to Ray
  • Ray will submit docs to the bank and update the signatories
  • Ali proposes and the board unanimously agreed

Ali’s update on the magazine

  • Ali’s updates on the Trikone magazine subscriber base. 8 new subscribers at the Kulture Kulcha. Ali suggested a possible Trikone Magazine group on Facebook – he will send a detailed proposal soon. He will have a copy of the magazine ready soon and expects to ship in the first week of June.
  • Ali and Ray will work on the new contract with Red and Burgundy.

Amar’s update on Pride plans

  • Pre-pride party
  • DJs for API-wellness and the Pink Party
  • Float (Registration has been paid for)
  • Booth
  • We’ve paid Club Six for Friday night’s party.
  • Fiscal sponsorship of SALGA
  • Ray will follow up with SALGA for a report on how the funds will be deployed.

Possibilities for a Trikone Ombudsman

  • Add a TODO for the consultant to think about a Trikone Ombudsman position and his role

Next board meeting on 3rd Sunday in June 2.30 to 4.30 at Ray’s

Board Meeting – March 21, 2010

Members present: Amar, Ali, Praney, Sandeep, and Manoj

Bollywood by the Bay
Event was considered highly successful. It fostered interactions between South Asian LGBT folks and the South Asian community at large. The Supper Club has invited Trikone back. Trikone has also been invited to strike up a partnership with other LGBT organizations in the bay area for events in the future (Asian American Theatre Inc. and Out and Equal).

Partnership with SALGA New York
SALGA is interested in working with Trikone for fiscal sponsorship and is applying for a capacity growth grant. The board has learned that SALGA is going through leadership changes. The board will determine why Trikone is the best choice to sponsor them instead of local 501 (c) (3) agencies.

Trikone Northwest
Sunil from Trikone Northwest has contacted Trikone with a request similar to SALGA. Trikone will assist them with their grant application following the same parameters used for SALGA.

AMU protest letter
A protest letter is already on the website. We are gathering signatures. Amar will compose a letter encouraging people to put the signature on the protest letter. Amar will send this to the listservs. The letters will go out to multiple South Asian communities around the world.

Magazine discussion
Ali is taking over and Our current subscription base is 216 paid subscriptions. The board will investigate methods to increase the reach of the magazine.

Trikone Gay Marriage Celebrations!

Trikone celebrates the California Supreme Court’s decision today. The justices held that limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violate the state constitutional rights of same-sex couples and may not be used to preclude same-sex couples from marrying.

The court concluded that permitting opposite-sex couples to marry while affording same-sex couples access only to the novel and less-recognized status of domestic partnership improperly infringes a same-sex couple’s constitutional rights to marry and to the equal protection of the laws as guaranteed by the California Constitution.

We are grateful to our Court for recognizing that separate arrangements are not equal. And just as importantly, for affirming that all people deserve the dignity and respect of being protected equally under California’s Constitution. We are proud to support this victory for justice and equality for all of us.

You can read more at: