Minutes of Board Meeting

Board Meeting – March 21, 2010

Members present: Amar, Ali, Praney, Sandeep, and Manoj

Bollywood by the Bay
Event was considered highly successful. It fostered interactions between South Asian LGBT folks and the South Asian community at large. The Supper Club has invited Trikone back. Trikone has also been invited to strike up a partnership with other LGBT organizations in the bay area for events in the future (Asian American Theatre Inc. and Out and Equal).

Partnership with SALGA New York
SALGA is interested in working with Trikone for fiscal sponsorship and is applying for a capacity growth grant. The board has learned that SALGA is going through leadership changes. The board will determine why Trikone is the best choice to sponsor them instead of local 501 (c) (3) agencies.

Trikone Northwest
Sunil from Trikone Northwest has contacted Trikone with a request similar to SALGA. Trikone will assist them with their grant application following the same parameters used for SALGA.

AMU protest letter
A protest letter is already on the website. We are gathering signatures. Amar will compose a letter encouraging people to put the signature on the protest letter. Amar will send this to the listservs. The letters will go out to multiple South Asian communities around the world.

Magazine discussion
Ali is taking over and Our current subscription base is 216 paid subscriptions. The board will investigate methods to increase the reach of the magazine.