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Trikone Applauds SCOTUS Decision Furthering LGBTQ Rights

June 26, 2015

For immediate release


Trikone applauds the majority decision today by the Supreme Court of the United States to recognize the civil right for same-sex couples to marry and the unconstitutionality of the state marriage bans. South Asian LGBTQ groups have long awaited political recognition that would allow us to benefit from the same political institutions.

But our fight is far from over. Even with the long awaited recognition of marriage equality, Trikone recognizes that the LGBTQ community still has many battles to fight before true “equality” can be achieved. The silencing of Jennicet Guitierrez, a trans woman of color, by the President earlier this week serves as a reminder of the political exclusion of trans people and immigrant groups from human rights and equality. It is dangerous to think our work is overĶ¾ the murder of trans people of color and their invisibility in the larger march towards gay equality signals that we still have much to do. While we celebrate this most recent victory over Pride weekend, it is important to remain vigilant that very anti-queer, anti-black, and xenophobic inequalities that disenfranchise people of color endure. Very little has changed for many. Trikone is committed to fighting for the dignity and respect of our larger community.

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