Minutes of Board Meeting

Board Meetings – September 26, 2010

Members present: Ray, Sandeep, and Manoj

Liaisons: Harsha, Saad

Vote on Saad and Harsha
Board unanimously votes to accept Saad and Harsha.

Speakers’ Bureau

  • The request for a speaker’s bureau came up at the community Town hall. The idea is to identify school districts with higher Asian/South Asian populations – and help organize events at these locations. Work with GAPA/SBQA to get critical mass to build a sustainable program.
  • Harsha will submit a detailed proposal with the plan of action and resources required from the board.

NQAPIA debriefing
There were several organizations at NQAPIA using the Trikone moniker. Harsha expressed concern that perhaps this might affect Trikone’s brand and if we should a) contact these organizations so that they clarify their relationship with Trikone or b) add a message on the Trikone website saying we don’t have chapters and do not officially endorse other “Trikone chapters”. Harsha will draft a message and run it by the board.

NQAPIA summit organization
NQAPIA has invited Trikone to participate in organizing the next summit. Harsha will try to locate Trikone folks interested in helping organize the summit.

Status report with the Horizons grant
Horizons is reissuing the paperwork with Ray and Punam named as the signatories. The new funds will arrive once this paperwork is returned.

Simma’s progress report
Simma has prepared a survey based on conversations with the board and some of the community members. The board will examine the survey and send feedback through Punam (via Manoj). This will be optional – Simma will not be required to take any of the feedback into account.

Report on Status of changing signatures on Bank accounts

  • Ray hopes to finish everything up this week. We have all the paperwork needed.
  • Union Bank – Trikone account with this bank has become inactive.
  • Ray proposes that we roll everything into the First Union Bank account and close the Union Bank account. Unanimously passed.

Setting up a donor recognition process

  • Ray will set up a letter to thank the donors and send them a receipt.
  • Online donations through Google checkout go through Manoj and Amar.

Manoj will drive the schedule and agenda for the retreat. Aim to have this before the end of the year. Tentative dates: Dec 18th and 19th.